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A Midnight In Chicago - Crazy

Just wanted to share an awesome song and the best lyric video I have seen in a while.

Feliz cumple mami


Web design

I have been doing some freelancing web design and here is my chance to show the two websites I have made till now:

Dream Harbor Studios

Jasper and Costello

What do you think?

Im working on a few more websites, so I will be having some more web sites to add to my portfolio.

Im back.

So I have abandoned this blog for way to long, and I realized I needed somewhere I could write about things that I want to remember without bombarding Facebook with posts about Tristan, etc
So here I am.
Tristan is 18 months old and he keeps on surprising me with all the things he's learning:

  • He can say and read the entire alphabet
  • He can count up to nine(he's learning ten :P) and read the numbers.
  • He can read more the five words, some of those are: Owl (his first word to read), blue, day, cat(he doesn't read it but he meow's when I write it for him hehe), etc
  • He's learning the months, and colors in english and spanish.
  • He is learning a lot of words lately and he repeats everything we say, the cutest is him trying to sing along to his favorite videos:)
I'll be uploading soon as many videos as I can with all he knows.


Photo Book

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